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Recruiting chatbots Uses, benefits, and how to set one up

But since the pandemic began, new questions cropped up on topics like Covid preparedness, remote and work from home policies, and medical and personal leave paid benefits. Career site, asking questions or selecting options to complete certain tasks. View press releases, media coverage, and the latest hiring data. Learn how we translate our data into actionable insights for our customers. Our award-winning partnership with Microsoft is grounded in a shared desire to transform the workplace and the hiring team experience.

  • By interacting with this untapped segment of candidates, a chatbot is doing the tasks that already time-strapped human recruiters don’t have the time nor capacity to do in the first place.
  • Get robust analytics that help you make sense of your data and illuminate your talent pool.
  • Once candidates text the shortcode TEAM to 97211, a chatbot the call “Ellie” responds immediately to answer any questions, collect information and encourage applications.
  • While the bots might seem autonomous in terms of interacting with the job seekers, recruiters actually need to pay much attention to predefining and coordinating their actions.
  • However, we identify a need for qualitative research to better understand the experiences of utilizing chatbots in recruitment from the organizational perspective.
  • The Talent Acquisition teams at Zappos, Yodel and Dierbergs Markets use recruiting chatbots to attract qualified candidates and clear up time for recruiters to focus on higher value work.

The underlying challenge is to turn relatively abstract and diverse recruitment criteria into short and engaging questions. Because task-focused attraction bot conversations typically do not offer many exchanges, the recruiter is forced to think what the essential aspects are that should, at a minimum, be covered. To understand recruiters’ subjective experiences and expectations, we conducted 13 in-depth, semi-structured expert interviews with people from different types of organizations.

What is a Recruitment Chatbot? The Definitive Guide

We identified relevant organizations that have used recruitment bots through online searches, which led us, for instance, to relevant news articles or blog posts. Typically, we used “chatbot” and a recruitment related word, such as “recruitment” as search terms . In addition, we created a LinkedIn advertisement that targeted people with experience or interest in using recruitment bots.

PandoLogic acquires Wade & Wendy, a recruitment chatbot provider – Staffing Industry Analysts

PandoLogic acquires Wade & Wendy, a recruitment chatbot provider.

Posted: Fri, 21 May 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

For example, when you visit an online shop, a chatbot window may appear, asking if you need any help. The chatbot will screen your responses and, if your query is straight-forward, it will respond. They are often utilized in a call center, working hand-in-hand with agents.

Enhance Your Quality of Hire

This information is then fed directly into your business’s ATS or an internal database. Available 24×7 in multiple languages and across all messaging platforms, SmartPal funnels candidates into the right discovery paths and saves recruiters from repetitive tasks. The major challenges of using a chatbot in recruiting include the lack of standardization in texting, how “human” a chatbot should be, and not knowing how candidates will react. Let’s look at some real-world examples of how innovative organizations using chatbots in their recruiting. Customer service has successfully mainstreamed the use of chatbots to cut down.

Recruitment Chatbot

Elaine Orler, CEO and Founder of Talent Function, encourages processes that connect chatbot with human interactions. A recruitment chatbot is an assistant powered by artificial intelligence that can assist with learned duties, allowing recruiters more time to focus on strategic, human-touch responsibilities. Recruitment chatbots can be incorporated through email, SMS text, social media solutions, and other messaging applications. With the help of the recruitment chatbot, you can decrease the time that your HR team spends on sourcing candidates. The chatbot educates users about your company and informs them about open positions.

Career Opportunities Chatbot

The chatbot can also answer questions about applying for positions, job benefits, company’s culture, and even walk candidates through their applications. Recruiting chatbots, also known as hiring assistants, are used to automate the communication between recruiters and candidates. After candidates apply for jobs from the career pages recruiting chatbots can obtain candidates’ contact information, arrange interviews, and ask basic questions about their experience and background. Recruiting chatbots are the first touchpoint with candidates and can gather comprehensive information about a candidate. Attraction bots were expected to reach candidates that other e-recruitment channels and marketing cannot reach.

Recruitment Chatbot

For example, attraction bots support the recruiters’ interests by attracting additional candidates but usually do not take a stance regarding the suitability of an applicant. In general, chatbots have entered a broad spectrum of application areas. Also, conversational bots have been studied in the context of stimulating discussion on social media platforms (Nichols et al. 2013; Savage et al. 2016). In the workplace context, chatbots have been introduced, e.g., to support an individual’s detachment and reattachment process (Williams et al. 2018). Finally, a recruitment chatbot also creates a convenient experience for the applicants by answering their questions and providing an engaging and instant form of communication. So no matter how big or small your business or department, automation can help you stand out from other companies competing for the same talent.

Additional Recruiting Chatbot Resources

You can begin the conversation by asking personal info and key screening questions off the bat or start with sharing a bit more information about what kind of person you are looking for. Let’s start with a “simple”conversational job application form. Hire faster by automating tedious recruiting tasks with smart conversations. Maximize recruiter efficiency with a fully-integrated 24/7 digital recruiter. Appy Pie’s platform helps you deliver enterprise-class security and compliance to your customers through every interaction. Furthermore, Charlwood and Guenole show that while there are over 100 published papers on technical aspects of applying AI in HR, there is little empirical research on the use and consequences of such systems in practice.

Recruitment Chatbot

She’s also reduced application time by 50% and time to hire by 80%. To connect job seekers with positions that best match their skills, experience, and interests. ICIMS is the Talent Cloud company that empowers organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance the talent that builds a winning workforce. Simplify employee onboarding with automated processes that maximize engagement and accelerate productivity.

Ways Top Recruiting Teams Use Chatbots

This makes it easier for candidates to find out information and allows them time to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to pursue the position further. On the other hand, if the job seeker is concerned of privacy issues, they might also not like to use chatbot interface to share private information. For example, a passive job seeker might not want that information on their job seeking activities spreads beyond the target company’s recruiter.

What companies use chatbots for recruitment?

Hiring chatbot Mya Systems uses conversational AI to streamline the recruiting process for staffing agencies and companies such as L'Oréal, Adecco, Hays, and Deloitte.

Make sure you have sanity checks in place via metrics you track as opposed to letting artificial intelligence start to dominate your recruiting process. It has a built-in CRM to store and manage HR data about potential candidates, current employees, and previous employees. Olivia, their AI chatbot is programmed to respond to candidates in a way that feels personal, as if a real person is responding.


Hamilton County Schools uses its recruiting chatbot to engage and chat with candidates for hard-to-fill roles like teachers and support staff. If you’ve done well, you’ll have hundreds of queries from people asking for specific details. A chatbot can screen these queries and respond, giving an HR employee the time to focus on something else. Responding to these queries can be time-consuming and tedious – especially when many of the people asking won’t apply for the role. You’ll be looking for high-profile candidates with certain skills. A Recruitment Chatbot will analyze whether the candidate has transferable skills and should be put forward to the interview.

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